„What a week, hu?“ – „Lemon, it’s wednesday“. Well, actually it is tuesday but still I feel like Liz Lemon. (Netflix, please buy 30 Rock, I want to see that show again.)

The day started with the usual. Breakfast, oats with nuts and fruits, a cup of earl grey, an episode of DC Titans and my first round of checking and writing emails for work. At 8am Panka has had enough of sleep and was ready for her walkies. On weekdays, Franco skips the morning walks and stays in bed. Lucky for him that we have a small lawn where he can quickly do his business.

I checked the weather app and was horrified that it was again so cold, -1°C. Whyyyy. Anyway, we did our walk, Panka enjoying herself and I’m enjoying my audiobook Shards of Earth. It’s sometimes hard to follow because of the many names, nevertheless I am intrigued by the story. It reminds me of The Expanse because there were also mysterious huge aliens that destroyed so much and left artifacts. And then these aliens disappered. Exactly my kind of scifi story!

After the walk I did some housework and then jumped into 2,5h of a zoom session. Our network of office administrators meet. We had two new members joining us. I think they enjoyed that they finally had some fellows who listened and understood their struggles. Usually we office administrators have not very much contact to each other because we only work with „our“ research and teaching staff. But the network is supposed to overcome this solitude. We talked about many topics, had a lot of ideas for our future work and even didn’t get through our whole agenda. It was exhausting but also mentally invigorating. I love these meetings, they are all such nice people.

After the meeting it was again time for walkies, with both dogs. It was still cold be we finally had a blue sky and sun again. Such a nice change to the all-gloomy days of the past.

After I made dinner, a simple veggie soup. And then again off to some housework and work-work. Oh and I bought two Törtchen (tartlet) as dessert from my local dealer „TörtchenTörtchen“.

Finished the evening with ordering new boardgames and watching another episode of DC Titans. Why do so many characters die or leave? This is weird. I don’t like this.