The day started just as usual. Bringing the doggys to day care and then I was at my office, eating breakfast and doing stuff. After about an hour, I got on my way to the gym… and noticed that I had forgotten my tights. Oh no. No way to buy tights anywhere near my office, and doing gym in jeans? Better not. So I drove home with a rental bike, got my tights and came back with my own bike. Well, that was my cardio and warm-up.

Pushed myself during the workout, I could increase some weights again. I was just so annoyed that after 5 of 6 sets one guy blocked a machine for about 10minutes, doing his set and then checking his phone for 3 minutes. There is a sign at every machine that you have to free the machine during sets. I often „share“ machines with other women, we make space as soon as a set is done, we patiently wait. But guys? They sit, check phones, chat. This annoys me so much.

During the workout I listened to Aut-Hour with Laura James. Of course I had to put her book Out Girl Out onto my reading list.

Finished my session with a quick cardio on the crosstrainer (had some anger left to get off of me). Then back to the office. It’s so much right now. Exams, exams, exams. And the uni decides to close the biggest rooms for weeks in the summer, so it is even harder to find room for these exams. Why do they close them for such a long time? Why all three big rooms and not one at a time? I wanna go back to online exams or writing exams at the Messe Köln, with enough room for everyone. Some things were very good during Corona lockdown.

With already 600 calories burned, I was very hungry at lunch-time. Luckily my colleague and I planned to go to a burger restaurant. Cologne has many good burger restaurants like Freddy Schilling or Die Fette Kuh but the unknown Cheeseburger Eddy is way better than any of them. I had a veggi burger with sweet potatoe fries. So delicious! After lunch I drove home with my bike. Some more work, a cup of tea and the second episode of The Last Of Us. I think I have now seen the most disguisting kiss of a history. Thanks.

In the evening, I played the last cases from Micro Macro Crime City that were only on the website. I will sell my copy soon because I don’t plan to play it again. And the second Micro Macro Crime City is already on its way to me, yay! I also played and won the second scenario of Cascadia. Then I finished another volume of Attack on Titan. And now off to bed with an episode of the other Titans, the ones that don’t eat humans but save them. (If they are not involved in their own depression and drama.)