Shitty night, good day.
At about 2 to 3am Panka was in need of „assistance“. She vomited two times, then she had to go to the toilet. Then her tummy was hurting so I gave her some food and Sab Simplex (it helps with bloating). Afterward she (and I) could finally sleep. I guess she caught some virus, just like kids do in the kindergarten. Hope she and I can sleep this night.

Started the day again with single walkies with only Panka and my audiobook. Then breakfast and afterwards some Octopath Traveler. Four characters are ready for their final part of the story, yay!

I ordered tickets for the Musical Mamma Mia. I’m so happy I will see it. Last time I was in London in 2019 I saw the Lion King and it was beautiful and worth the money.

At noon again walkies but with both dogs. We didn’t go that far but had some quality time on a meadow where the dogs could check out a lot of holes and look for mice.

After friends came for a snack & play. We played Scythe, it was fun but a bit to long and crowded with 6 players. I ate a lot of homemade cookies and cake, then we had vietnamese food. I am so stuffed but happy. What a nice sunday.

Now finishing the evening with an episode of Titans and maybe a book.