We had a better night, Panka managed to sleep until 4am, I gave her a snack and Sab Simplex and she feel asleep until breakfast time. Her poop was also mostly solid, so she is getting better.

Same day as usual. I had breakfast, checked mails and watched the latest episode of The Last of Us. It has an interesting story telling format, I start to really like this show. Then walkies and afterwards I biked to the office and to the gym. Only did strength training today, my legs were pretty strong, my arms not so much. But it was a nice workout because it was mostly empty and only women there.

Back at home shopping, housework and then again walkies. Again it was very sunny and warm in the sun, spring is coming! I hope.
For lunch we had pommes (fries, chips…) and beyond meat burger, I really love these vegan burgers.

Again some work with too many „special cases“ that take too much time.

On the fun side I tried the demo of Glitch RPG for a couple of minutes, this looks good so far. I also finished another volume of Attack on Titan and watched an episode of DC Titan. And I played two games of Cascadia, won both scenarios. Let’s see if I manage to continue my book, I feel like falling asleep on the spot. But this won’t happen as I have a hard time falling asleep way before 10pm. Or way after 10pm.