Urgh, I am so tired. Didn’t sleep that well last night. My partner came home at about 1am (volunteer paramedic at Karneval) and then there was the usual doggy trouble. Well, got up at about 6am anyway, got the doggys their breakfast, did some work stuff and drove the doggys to their day care. The streets were empty, many people didn’t work today because they were celebrating Karneval yesterday. I could see the results of these festivities when I biked to the gym later on. My office/gym is right in the party zone and I had trouble to get to the entrance of the gym because there were still fences everywhere. And garbage. And it stank of urine and beer. Nice. I am really annoyed that taxes are used to pay for this orgy. There are better things that Cologne could do with this money (like repair the library bus that is always broken). The gym only opened at 10am. I had a good run at the machines but at about 11am it got really full. Definitely not my time to go there Didn’t do all the cardio I usually do and drove home again. Anyway, the workout was good, I pushed some weights up again.

Today my last boardgame order came: Dorfromantik. I love the videogame but unfortunately I get headaches and vertigo from it because my brain doesn’t like the quickly shifting camera perspective (I also had this problem with Kingdorm Hearts, it sucks that I cannot play all videogames…). So now I have enough boardgames to play in solomode or with others and my shopping spree ends.

Watched again the usual tv shows: Euphoria, the last episode of season 3 of DC Titans and 1899. Now I want tot play Pen&Paper Cthulhu on a haunted ship.

I also started to play the last story of the huntress in Octopath. Oh girl, it’s really hard already and I haven’t meet the final boss yet. This will be challenging.

Off to bed, ready for a long weekend. Thanks to Karneval I don’t have to work on monday, whoop whoop.