I was woken up by Panka whining and already worried „oh no, not again“… but then I saw that it was 6.30. Half an hour after the doggys breakfast time! Panka was just hungry. So we slept through the night and even a tiny bit longer than usual. Yay!
Had a nice saturday with a long morning walk and then a large breakfast. I did some housework, an upper body workout, sold my copy of MicroMacro Crime City 1 and watched an episode of Euphoria.
Then again walkies and food for the humans. We ate veggie mash and a vegan fried fish from Aldi Süd that tastes like fish? I wonder how they do it. I don’t like fish and it is almost a bit too fishy for me.
I unboxed MicroMacro Crime City 2 and then also Dorfromantik. It looked so easy to set up and learn (and I know the videogame), so I directly played it. So nice! I can’t wait to play the campaign and unbox the other tiles.
We just watched Heavy Trip, a Finnish comedy about a heavy metal band that tries to get a gig at a Norwegian festival. I’m not a metalhead but I liked the movie very much. Now off to bed with another episode of 1899.