It was so good to have a longer weekend, no work today thanks to Karneval. I think I really need a vacation, luckily I’m off to London next month and then to Naples in April. But I will take additional days off around the trips to have some more quality time at home.

Woke up at 6.30am again, it was good to have a longer sleep and I think Panka is happy about it, too. Then business as usual, we had a family walk, went by the bakery (yay, they had Nougat Berliner again!) and then had breakfast. I am not feeling so good today, so I spent some time in bed with tea, chocolate and watched two episodes of Euphoria. I am now finished with season 1 and ready for the next one.

Didn’t do much else today besides more eating and walkies. I tried to win scenario 5 in Cascadia but failed. I don’t like the fox points in that game and scenario 5 is all about fox points.

Now we are watching two episodes of 1899 and then off to sleep. I don’t want to end this day because the week sounds so exhausting and too people-y. Tomorrow I have a short zoom meeting, Wednesday evening mantrailing (I like the trailing but not the smalltalk with the other people) and on Thursday I have half a day with meeting co-worker things. So I am already aching for the next weekend with no people.