Only one more people-thing to go and I am free. My week is so out of routine that I am on the bringe of burnout but also feeling ashamed that I get burnout from doing so much less than other people.

At least the daytime was pretty much routine. Going out with the doggys, listening to my audio book, work stuff and housework stuff. I have a presentation tomorrow and still not sure what exactly I will say and I am a bit worried that I get things messed up or confused. But it doesn’t matter, I don’t want to teach or sell anything, my thingy is probably a nice change of topic for the audience. I wonder how many people will be in the audience anyway, it is after Karneval, either they have a hangover or are ill from the cold or corona.

I watched the newest episode of The Last of Us and I liked it. Pedro Pascal is such an awesome actor. I also saw the first episode of the second season of Euphoria, oh my, what a start. And the last episode of 1899. I really liked where the show was going. But, well, it got cancelled. Netflix sucks.

Oh and I was away for about 2 hours because I did mantrailing with Franco. We had a break for about 5 months but Franco didn’t forget a thing. I did, I was very clumsy and not so concentrated but Franco didn’t care. He ran like a tiny sewing machine (that is the sound he makes when walking fast) through the hardware store and found the human he was supposed to find (at the start of the trail he gets a sniff of a tissue that the human touched). He was very happy and proud of himself. Good boy.

Now off to bed, I am so tired. I feel like I write this every evening. Well, I am a morning person all in all.