Yesterday, I almost made it to the end of the charity concert of the Toten Hosen. It was really nice to visit a concert from my bed, although it is not the same as being there in the arena. I’m still really impressed how everyone made this possible within a few days, everyone around the band, people working in the logistics, the city Düsseldorf and so many companys. It’s wholesome to see people work together for positive things for a change. Also a funny side note: this was the most unprofessional concert by the band I have ever seen, them missing cues and texts. I know that they rehearse and prepare a lot for their regular tours, so it was interesting to see how they are when there wasn’t a lot of time to prepare. And wow, the band got so old. I never see their face up close and still have their faces from 30 years ago in my mind. So, first concert of the year was a special one.

This saturday was chill. I went with Panka for morning walkies and got everything from the bakery. They still had Nougat Berliner, yay! Afterwards I watched another episode of Euphoria (I think this episode had the most iconic penis scene of the show so far. At least the nudity was fitting to the theme.). Then I continued with my photos, I finally have everything from last years vacations in Breskens sorted out and uploaded. This year’s vacation in Breskens is already booked and I am so happy that we will be there again.

Then some walkies again. It started to rain. Then hail. Then snow. Yeah. It’s kind of my fault because I had already washed the doggies coats and put them away. I was tempting the weather gods too hard.

In the afternoon my friends (twin sisters) came over for a bit, we went to a local cafe and I had delicious carrot cake and chai latte. It was sooo good. I just love sitting in a cafe for a while and enjoying everything. My friend asked why we didn’t celebrate our anniversary. Ähm, because we don’t have a date of when we meet? We went to the same kindergarten, same elementary school, but according to our parents we also lived in the same house complex for fresh migrants before we went to kindergarten. I said that before that I was in Unna with my parents, in the Auffanglager (reception camp??). And turns our, they have also been in Unna. So, we probably meet a long time ago, 2 or 3 years old. But yeah, we will celebrate whatever our anniversary is when I visit my friend in London with her twin sisters.

I played two games of Dorfromantik (boardgame) and adore this game so much. I wish I could play the videogame without getting headaches. Then my partner and I watched another episode of The Midnight Club. I like the show, it is different then the other horror shows, but still very spooky and interesting. And now it’s bed time again, I wish the day had more hours.