I hate this freezing cold, I am tired of again having to wear two pairs of trousers, a constantly running nose and frozen fingers when walking with both dogs. I can’t anymore and it seems such a long time until the end of march where we can expect milder weather.

Other than this, the day was ok. I continued to work on my photo websites, went through pictures of 2020 and started with 2019. It’s a process of choosing the best pictures and then sorting again and edit some pictures. So far I uploaded all dog pictures up from 2021 to www.fellkugel.de. We got Franco in 2018, so there are now „only“ three years of dog pictures ahead of me. But I like working on my photo websites.

Today I watched another episode of The Last of Us, an episode about Ellies past. I also continued with my audiobook Show Us Who You Are and what did just happen? It shouldn’t have been so surprising considering the story’s main theme but I was still shocked.

Oh and I finally managed to kill the final boss for my huntress in Octopath Traveler. On my fourth try, I guess? Wow, that was hard. Then I got to see the end credits but of course I am allowed to finish the stories of the other 7 characters. I’ll continue to do this until I figure out what to play next. I’m actually very hot for playing something on the Playstation again. But the hard couch gives me leg and back pain. The last time I played Final Fantasy 7 I had to take pain killers (yeah, drugged video gaming, like a klischee Millenial). I miss my old couch, it was really cheap but also so soft and comfy. So, I still have to figure out how I could be able to play the Playstation. There is no space at the tv in the bed room and the screen in my office doesn’t face my armchair. I hate this so much not being able to pursue my hobby properly. I hope I’ll find a solution by the end of the year. Until then: Switch it is.

I also got an appointment for a hair cut on Thursday. I am already drowning in anxiety. Which is funny considering that I have a doctor’s appointment next week, a kind cancer precaution screening, it will probably be uncomfortable and hurt, but this doesn’t give me so much anxiety as getting my hair cut. And I have other uncomfortable work appointments in March and I am just hoping that my short vacation in London will come fast and every uncofortable thing will be over. I really need a longer break. So, goodbye February.