In the morning it was again way too cold for my taste, but for the afternoon walkies we at least had nice sunshine.

I finished my audio book Show Us Who You Are today. No more big surprises and I liked the rest of the story. Now I started listening to Unmasking Autism by Devon Price. On the reading side I am still on the book about animals and humans by Norbert Sachser. It is very interesting but I always need time to digest. Last tidbit of information I got: a rich environment cannot prevent dementia but make it progress slower. So, yay special interests and keeping my brain busy.

Today I started the sequel to Sex and the City. Bach in the days, I think I didn’t watch the whole show, only some episodes when it was on tv. It was and is a complete strange world to me and the sequel doesn’t change that. The women are older, the speak about being old but more like they were 80. They are not even in their 60s? I think this is no age for privileged rich people. Compared to people who don’t have money for health stuff and/or work in a physically demanding job. Well, it’s only 10 episodes. And please call the ambulance when you see someone having a heart attack. You can cry over their body later.

My brain is so off, I don’t get the weekdays right and get everything confused. Now off to the evening, two friends are coming over for a bit.