What a day. I wasn’t feeling well at all. I’m feeling exhausted and on the verge of burnout. My skin is flaring up, I have constant headaches and wake up tired. Everything is just too much, but I can’t pinpoint on what exactly. I’d need some cozy time and comfort food, I guess.

Well, at least I got an appointment at the dermatologist for today. I got another doctor than usual but he was very nice and prescribed the cream that helped me with my last outburst. And in a couple of weeks I have an appointment at the nose doctor to check for allergies. He alluded that my nose problems may be due to an allergy against mites and my skin problems may also be due to sensitivity against mites. I couldn’t do anything against that since I am already washing everything and trying to keep the dust level at a minimum, but still it would be nice to know.

I had a lot of stress at work. Usually I work with a lot of time buffer. But this doesn’t help when other people create chaos in giving me the wrong information or making last-minute changes. Since I didn’t hear back from HR, I called her (yes it is only one person in part time that does our faculties contracts for student assistents and tutors). She told me that she was very angry when she got my mails, I told her that I was angry too when I got the news and so we were angry together. At least we from admin stuff know that it is usually not the person’s fault that we are talking to, but someone’s elses mess that we have to tidy up. Luckily, we could solve the worst cases and now only one case remains. I told her to not jump over hoops to make it possible and we’ll see if she has spare time for this or not. Well, this story will have consequences on how I will deal with these things in the future. Me and HR were too nice and niceness gives you just more problems.

At least I finished Unmasking Autism by Devon Price today. This book was really good, professional (Devon is a social psychologist) and still easy to read. I think I buy the softcover for my permanent library. They also have written a book called Laziness Does Not Exist which I also want to read. But first I’ll continue with Neurotribes by Steve Silberman (fangirl alert because it has a foreword by Oliver Sacks! Oh my, how much I miss him.).

I also watched the newest episode of The Last of Us and I am still very eager to play the game. Or at least try it. I am so angry that I didn’t get the game from the librabry when I was there on Monday. Now, it’s too cold to go by bike and paying for the train… well, then I could almost buy the game anyway. I hope I get the chance to collect the game sometime soon. I think playing it would be a nice distraction from my current struggles and giving me some happy thing to do (which is kind of ironic concerning the games themes, I know).