Still very exhausted but feeling a tiny bit better. The tartlets from my fav bakery TörtchenTörtchen helped to light up the mood. Good food always helps, at least there is that.

I finally had the time and not the headaches to finish an exhausting work task. Put up 6 exams, wrote to other people instructing them on how they should put up 2 other exams of the same style. The exams are a pain because they are very similar displayed in our system and only differ in small things. So you have to look carefully and I have to admit that this is hard because my short term memory is really bad. But I finished it. And I didn’t have a meltdown when another thing came back without being taken care of because there was a tiny mistake in it. Not really my fault but the person’s fault that gave me the documents. I didn’t check carefully because I don’t have the time to do these checks. I need a break. From everything. I want to snuggle up on a comfy couch with a comfy blanket and play games on the Playstation.

On the good side: I saw that Becky Chambers released another story from her A Monk & Robot series: A Prayer for the Crown-Shy. I immediatly download it on Audible and almost finished listening it today (it’s only 150 pages). I think it is more philosophical than the previous book and has longer discussions between the human monk and the robot about what life is and what the various stages of life are. There is a discussion about the differences between oil and other ressources that are animal-based. Nevertheless, the book is cozy like Chambers other books and invites to just go with the flow.

I finished the Sex and the City sequel And Just Like That. It started cringy but then it got ok. (Concerning the hearing aid thing: the actor who plays Steve has a hearing aid, so they made his character also have one). I think I like this show more than the original series, at least from what I can remember. It’s easy to watch, not hard to follow and I liked Mirandas storyline. Well, and Jonathan Groff had a short appearance as beauty doc, that’s a plus. Not sure what I am going to watch next. I still have Westworld to finish but since the series ended with a cliffhanger, I am not that eager to continue.