Today I went to the gym earlier than usual and it was a wise choice. The chatty dudes came in when I was already finished with strength training and doing cardio. I again managed to do 20 minutes on the stairmaster. It was hard, but I watched a youtube video that was exactly 20 minutes so I didn’t want to stop before finishing the video. After this I went to a work meeting. I’m not sure how it went because I can’t read the other person, but I think it went better than I hoped. The person also confirmed that they are thinking about changes that will maybe lead to the outcome I hope for (make my team bigger). It’s all in the far future but I’ll do this job for 30 more years, so I’ll get there eventually.

I just checked. Yes, 30 years and 3 months of work until I could finish working. At least I have a job that I am comfortable doing for 30 years.

So, appointment 2 of this week is done. And I can draw a line under appointment 1. I got the results of my doctor’s appointment from Monday today. „Everything ok, next regular check-up in 12 months“.
It’s weird that there was a time when I didn’t go to any doctors and now I have to manage so many visits and checks. But on the long run it’s good that I have overcome my fear of doctors which is also due to the fact that I have a lot of nice (and younger) doctors right where I live.

I finished A Prayer for the Crown-Shy, the second book of The Monk and Robot series by Becky Chambers. It was so nice and I want more. And I can’t get over the fact that most portrayals of robots or androids are basically portrayals of human autistic people. Like, the robot is buying a gift when visiting the family of the monk because social norms say it’s the thing to do. I also continued to listen to Neurotribes, but so far it is a bit boring and too much history lesson for my taste.
And I just saw that there is a book called The Vela written by Becky Chambers, Yoon Ha Lee, Rivers Solomon and SL Huang. Oh my what a scifi feast is this? I have to read more.

Just finished the first episode of the Watchmen series and now off to my books.