I was home late so here’s the diary for yesterday.
I finished things at work and am now free of some annoying processes. But there’s already a nagging at the back of my mind, there soon new excel sheets will arrive that need to be worked on. But all in all, now everything at work is calmer and my collegue and I are already planning vacations, which includes us visiting each other. She and her partner are also into boardgames, foods and walking, so we can enjoy our free time together. I was never close to collegues because their worlds were so different to mine and now at uni it’s all different.

Then I got a surprise package! A friend send me a sad book (both our fav genre haha) and her copy of The Last of Us. Uhhhh! Yes, I immediatly put it into the Playstation, with the thought that installation will take hours (I think Final Fantasy did). But it was finished after a couple of minutes and so I started the game. Turns out I didn’t play the game before. Yeah, my memory is great. I hope I’ll manage the controls, I am not that good in anything that involves shooting or sneaking.

In the evening we went to a concert! Maneskin played in the Lanxess Area, on the other side of the river. Luckily our train has a direct connection from almost our doorstep to the arena. Getting there was a bit surreal. There was a football game at the same time, luckily in the other direction, but we passed trains after trains filled with loud, aggressive football fans. And then at the concert another world: mostly women, all sorts of probably queer people. Cis het men in the absolute minority. (Well, I know you cannot see gender/sexualitity on all people, but you’ll get what I mean). It’s so nice to feel safe at a space.
Other good things: I had a whole bag of Popcorn. Other people like to drink at concerts, my happy thing are snacks but unfortunately most venues don’t seel any. And there was no band playing before Maneskin. The concert began at 20 and ended at 22. This was so perfect. And the best thing was of course the band. Really great rock music, that remined me of early Oasis or Travis, but in Gen Z flavor. All in all a superb evening and concert. But now I am hyped for more concerts! (I have to admit that I was already looking into a ticket for a Noel Gallagher Show in Manchester but – for now – decided against it because the concert is not in an arena but at a park. Hope he will come later this year to Germany, too, as he usually does with when there is a new album).