I am still a bit tired from yesterday because I didn’t get that much sleep. So relaxing day with not much to do. After walkies and breakfast we drove to the shopping mall where my partner got new trousers and a leather jacket. I was strong and didn’t buy anything. I try not to spent that much this month, to have some extra money for my London trip and to fill up my „fun money fond“ again. So no bubble tea, no starbucks or waffle at the mall for me, I could resist.
After that we made a short rest and it was again time for walkies. Then pizza and an episode of The White Lotus. What a weird show. After that I went with Panka again and then played The Last of Us. I don’t know if I’ll finish this game. I didn’t get a headache this time and could sit for an hour on a cushion on the floor to play until it was to uncomfortable. (Still no idea about how I could play while sitting on my armchair which is in another room *sob*) Well, but a anyway, no physical problems for an hour. But all the buttons, shooting and stealthing and me standing and trying to decide which button I had to press and then getting shot. I’ll continue for now and see if I’ll warm up to the gameplay. Storywise I would really like to play this game.

Now two episodes of Watchmen and if I am still awake enough, then some reading. So far a good saturday.