The weather is weird. Yesterday it was 4° Celsius. Today we had up to 17° Celsius. I prefer it warmer after this seemingly endless winter but these kind of extreme jumps make me worry.

The day started different than expected but I managed to not become overwhelmed by changes of plans. I was at the gym directly as it openend, this was good and I could to my workout without any traffic.
Work is again in its calm phase. There is only stuff to do that is more on the upkeeping and planning side, nothing on the clock. Well, there are still some exams I have to put online but the people who have to give me some informations are still silent. Urgh.

I played a bit The Last of Us again. I am torn. I like the game, the story, the artwork. The game play is good but it seems to be not fitting to my abilities. It’s too fast and to confusing for me to follow and easy is still not easy enough. I wish there was some kind of god mode. Now I am in a situation that I cannot solve, having to deal with several zombies and dying every time I try to either kill, outrun or sneak around them. At least it doesn’t take ages for the game to reload after dying, this gives me raging fits in other games. Well, I’ll try again tomorrow.

I finally had some time to read again. Currently I am into Tress of the Emerald Sea by Brandon Sanderson. I am usually not that into anything with ships, sailing and pirates but so far I enjoy this book very much. It is the first one that was released with the kickstarter package. Next month the second of four books will be released, yay!