Again I didn’t find time to write my post before evening.

Finally no rain yesterday and a bit of sun at noon, this was nice. I went with my mother for a walk and got the newest family gossip. My great-uncle, my grandmas brother, died. I didn’t know him that well, as a kid I spent some time with his family. Apparently, he said one month before that he wanted to die soon. He wasn’t ill on one big thing but I guess he had many different health things that bothered him. I am sad for my grandma, he was her younger brother. The other younger brother is „a kind of dead“, he has sever Alzheimers and lives in a nursing home. Both her children are also dead, it is so sad that she has to see everyone go. She lives with her son-in-law (widower) and I hope that she won’t survive him. I’m thinking about whether I should visit her again but it is a long way, difficult with not speaking Polish that well and they don’t like having guests that much anyway. Well, both are not dead and there’s already talk about the appartment. Nobody really knows to whom the appartment belongs (my uncle paid for it, but only my grandma was allowed to officially buy it). I just really would like to know if I have to mentally prepare that I get the appartment, since I am grandmas next heir. I hope not, this would entangle just too my bureaucracy in a foreign country.

Yesterday I finished the first season of White Lotus. What a wild ride. The show was way better than I thought it would be.

In the evening, I was a the concert of Long Distance Calling. A German band whose songs don’t have vocals. The previous act was unfortunately very boring, I think I have never been so annoyed with a pre-act. I wish concert wouldn’t have pre-acts at all, or at least give schedules when the main act is due. The concert of LDC was nice, the music reminded me a bit of the soundtrack of This War of Mine. I only wish those concerts had seating oppurtinities, I’d prefer to listen to such music will sitting/lying. But I am a minority in this case.
Weird thing: I had my loops quiet for the first time at a concert. It was good with the music, not too loud and I could hear the nuances still pretty well (I like to focus on the guitar at concerts). But I also could her other people talking so damn well, I was thinking „what is happening, why is everyone talking SO LOUD, the band must hear them!“. But without loops one could barely hear people speaking. Woah, what an experience. It’s usually hard for me to ignore background noice when people are talking, with these loops it’s much easier. I have to keep this in mind when I am at a bury restaurant but still want to talk with my people at the table.