Welcome to my blog! I decided to switch to English spontaneously since I am only sharing these posts on Mastodon where I am mostly speaking English anyway. Just realized that I finished uni almost 10 years ago with a Master of Arts in English, so might be a good time to revive my written English which once was excellent and now is…. not so excellent anymore. Please be kind, I write these posts in the evening where I am already very tired and don’t have that much energy to review my writing. Anyway, back to business.

Monday started as usual. We brought the dogs to their HuTa (short for „Hundetagesstätte“, doggy day care), then off to our work places which are only 300m apart. I ate my overnight oats at the office, did some work stuff and then went to the gym which is very close. And now even closer because I tried the shorter way and used The Door that I have been eyeing since the beginning of my gym membership, wondering if I was allowed to use it. Yes, it is an ordinary entrance. Well, it only took 5 weeks to gain the courage to use this door. I say this unironically, because there have been similar situations where I never gained the courage.

Workout was good. I managed 10min on the stairmaster and then went on to the weight machines. I could increase the weights on the chest press, shoulder press and ab machine, so yay me. Finished with 15min/2km on the crosstrainer. Then back to the office, some workstuff, and then went home at noon. (I have flexible work hours, a home office and often a lot of downtime when I have to wait for replys in order to proceed with my work.)

During my workout (and then later at home when doing housework) I listenend to the first two episodes of Sara Gibbs Podcast Aut-Hour where she interviews other autistic authors. Well, now my reading list got a bit longer.

A some point the dogs and my partner came home. We humans ate chips and onion rings from the airfryer, with some vegan veggiballs for me. Well, I forgot that I don’t like the veggiballs from Vivera that much. Aber sie waren beim Aldi im Angebot! (How to translate it, Aldi had them as a special offer? And I like buying Aldi offers.)

I finished the second season of DC Titans on Netflix. I love Jorah Mormont…erm Ian Glen as Bruce Wayne. But I am not happy that they send one of my fav characteres off. I hope they will return at some point to the show…

I’ll dive now into Octopath Traveler and then finish the day with some reading. Yesterday, I started Der Mensch im Tier by Norbert Sachser. He is a behavioral biologist and Professor at the university of Münster and mostly known for his studies of guinea pigs. The university also has (or had) a group of wild guinea pigs. Look at them, how cute! I had guinea pigs for decades. Norbert Sachser and his colleagues‘ studies had a huge impact in German speaking countries on how we should keep guinea pigs as pets. Unfortunately, they are still not kept species-appropriate (groups of at least 4 and at least 2 square meters of space, better more) in most countries. I hope that his book will have some guinea pig stories!