So annoyed with work today. Spent the morning with writing an important e-mail and then writing the minutes of our last network meeting (the word „minutes“ for a meeting report really confuses me, it sounds very wrong). And I dug into an e-mail conversation of about 10 e-mails, trying to extract if I should do anything and what. I hate it so much when people cc our office, it’s almost so often useless and time consuming. We were flooded withso many e-mails today, my head still spins. And on some days or even weeks: nothing. It’s as if they know that we have a lot to do and decide to add stuff on top of that. And why don’t you do what I tell you to do and then do you thing and leave a complete mess? Glad that my collegue called me and sounded as angry as I felt, not angry at me, but at other people and on my behalf. At least I’m not alone in this.
But enough of this stupid work stuff.

Today, I started with The Last of Us on Wow (Germany). This is what I always say, that fungi will destroy all humans. Well, they already do but at least only when we are dead or in a treatable manner when we are alive. So, yeah, zombie horror with fungi is my kind of horror. (I don’t eat mushrooms because I find everything about them disgusting). I remember playing The Last of Us for a short time and not getting into the game, since I don’t like stealth and shooting, and I didn’t like the girl. But yeah, the show seems nice so far and maybe I’ll try the game again at some point. I probably can get it from the librabry for free. Finished another volume of Attack on Titan. Another kind of horror I am quite into, the Titans look so horrible. And I played the third storyline of my thief in Octopath Traveler. Damn, the boss is so tricky, he killed my party twice. I think I have to level up and then get a better strategy.

Now I’ll have to prep my overnight oats and then of to bed.