Today the doggys again went to day care, so more time for me. I ate breakfast, watched another episode of The Last of Us (episode 3 was the best so far) and checked work e-mails. Then I biked to the gym and did a cardio session. 15min HIIT on the stairmaster and 20min on the crosstrainer. Since the gym was empty, I tried the glute machine. It basically simulates doing donkey kicks but with weights. Well, I can squat 45kg but I had huge problems with 2kg with this machine, only managed 3 sets with 5 repetitions. But it is fun to use! Listened to the next epiosde of Aut-Hour and as you can imagine my to-read-list again got longer.

Afterwards I biked home and continued with work and some housework. Managed to squeeze in another episode of The Last of Us. So now I am up-to-date and I have to wait for new episodes to come.

At some point everyone finally came home, we had rice with veggies and tofu/fish. Doggys were very happy because they got the salmon skin.

Then I played Switch and finally managed to kill this hard boss and finish the third storyline of the thief. That is what I love about Octopath Traveler, it’s not too easy and you have to think and plan ahead during battles.

After I did a short evening walk with the dogs, we (my partner and I, not the dogs) played Tiny Epic Pirates. Yes, the material is indeed tiny, how cute! I liked the game very much and will probably buy Tine Epic Dungeons or Galaxy someday.

Now another episode of DC Titans and then finally sleeping. Oh and its weekend and I have nice plans. „Nothing“ tomorrow and on sunday a snack & play with friends. Yay.