This was a good saturday. Well, besides that Panka had stomach issues and needed to go to the toilet more than usual. I did the morning walkies with her while the guys were still sleeping. Listened to Shards of Earth while walking in the dark. Yeah, not creepy at all.

Then we had some breakfast and I played Octopath Traveler, finished the third storyline of my huntress. Then I did my workout, this time I tried an upper body workout with weights and no video. I did 10 different excercises with 3 sets and 10 repetitions. It went really well and I wasn’t bored. I think it is more efficient for many than doing video workouts. Listened to another episode of Aut-Hour but this time I didn’t put a book on my reading list. Because I already read A Kind of Spark by Elle McNicoll and her second book is already on my reading list.

Afterwards we had cake and watched an episode of DC Titans. Then it was again time for walkies, this time the whole family went. Home again, my partner was off to his Pen & Paper group and I alone with the doggies. I played again some Octopath Traveler and then ordered pizza. There is a vegan pizza restaurant that I wanted to try for a long time and now I have a delivery service that also has this restaurant on their list. Yay. I had a nice pizza with potatoes and garlic, it was sooo delicious. I thought the sweet pizza with choc-nut-spread was smaller… but it was as big as a full pizza. Well, I’ll put the rest into the freezer. Really happy that I tried this restaurant!

I was writing with my friends. One currently lives in London and I will visit her with her twins sister for their birthday in march. I am so excited! Suprisingly we deciced quickly on a musical we all want to got to: Mamma Mia! I love the movie so much.

While eating pizza I watched one of the movies that I got from the library. Memento Mori, a korean horror drama from the 90s about two lesbian high school girls. I don’t know how it got on my to-watch-list but it was worth the watch. And other than many hollywood high school movies, this one felt like it had actual teenagers in it.
Again time for walkies and more walkies, poor Panka was unwell. But now she is finally asleep and hopefully finished with her toilet things.

So now off to bed with a cup of tea. I think I’ll play more Octopath Traveler and finish another Volume of Attack on Titan. I love these days that are full of my hobbys, special interests and food. Paradise on earth.
(Let’s see for how long we have this earth, I read some disturbing news that a part of the sun broke off…..? Ok. Life is short anyway.)