Again a bad night. At about 22pm Panka started having problems and the same circle repeated. Vomiting, whinning and more vomiting. I sat with Panka, went outside in case she needed to go to the toilet, gave her food and sab simplex. I think it went for about two hours. Bad for me because before 22pm I had taken my L-Dopa against restless legs because they were acting up again. And I can tell you that it is no fun walking while under the influence because the legs are a bit numb. After my ordeal with Panka I couldn’t sleep because I was so worried about her. I took a sleeping pill because I couldn’t imagine a second night in a row without sleep. Well, although my sleeping pill only last for 3h, I was pretty groggy and not myself when waking up at 6am. So no sleeping pills after midnight in the future (I usually don’t take them at home anyway but sometimes need them when sleeping somewhere else). And don’t worry, I have a sleep neurologist to whom a talked about my sleep problems that I have had since 20 years.

After morning walkies I went to the dermatologist and had a mole removed with a laser. It didn’t hurt but I wonder whether I smelled burnt wood (she said she will test the laser first on some wood) or if it was burnt skin. It smelled a bit like bbq. Now the rest of the mole has to heal and we’ll see how it goes. And this reminds me that I have another mole that should be checked soon. I was afraid to have it removed because it is on a stupid place. But since it is suspicious and needs to be checked every now and then, I should just remove it this year. And then I made an appointment at the nose doctor because I want to do an allergy test. I cannot breathe through my nose that fine, especially not a night. Cleaning it didn’t help, I always get sick from nose washes? So now an allergy check which the doctor suggest in case the nose washes don’t help. (Sorry for my toddler speech, I am too tired to look up the correct English words.)

So nothing big to do today with my brain fog. At least I could forward some processes at work and I did a short power point presentation. Next week I will hold a short presentation at our faculty meeting. Yes, me! I am actually not very nervous because I don’t want to „sell“ or teach anything, and over the years I have learned to perform at least for a short time on stage. Masking can be a useful skill sometimes.

In the afternoon we went with Panka to the vet. The vet gave some good advice and confirmed that my strategy with Panka was good (Sab Simplex, food). Maybe she tends to get a sour stomach at night which is quite common with some dogs. More food portions over the day and a nightcap can prevent this. But we will also check her poop for parasites. I don’t think that she has them because her poop smells normal. Yes, dog poop stinks, but dog poop from a sick dog stinks horribly.

I had some cookies and cake from yesterdays snack & play and now I am so looking forward to sleep. Hope Panka gets her sleep, too, poor doggy.