The night was calmer then the nights before. Panka had a bit of tummyache at 1am but Sab Simplex and food quickly helped, after 15min we both went back to sleep. I hope that whatever she has goes away soon.

Started the day with work until my colleague picked me up. We drove to another colleague where we had a long breakfast together. We do this every couple of months at our homes. We talk about different topics and also a lot about work. I enjoy brunch as socialising time very much, it’s the best time for me. Then I still have a lot of energy left and afterwards enough time to wind down and get some me-time. I think I should do more brunch time dates of about three hours and less (or better no more) dates in the late evening. But often it is hard to say no to people who prefer evenings.

After breakfast/brunch my colleague dropped me off at doggy day care and I walked the dogs home from there. The weather was really nice, sunny and not too cold. The walk was 3,6km which is even less than many of our walkies. But it was so exciting for the dogs that we still needed 45minutes to get home.

More work and housework at home. Then we watched an episode of DC Titans and will maybe watch another episode of 1899 a bit later. I really enjoyed the show although it is from German showrunners. I know a lot of people liked Dark but I couldn’t endure this show for more than 20minutes. In 1899 the German actors don’t act cringy and I like the multinational cast very much. One downside: Netflix cancelled the show. Urgh.