I am so tired, this day was much.
Today was the beginning of Karneval. Luckily, I was not at the office, so no problems with loud and drunk people. After noon I finished my work day (it’s officially allowed). But I didn’t have half a day off because my housework app was bright red. It was time for the toilets, sinks and windows again. Housework I really hate to do because of sensory issues with wet things. But I pushed through it, with the help of podcasts and my audiobook. I can’t believe that I finished all the bathrooms, cleaned the windows and then the floors. And I also went to the vet to drop of Pankas poop (nothing could be found in there), then went to the supermarket, then walkies with the dogs and this and that.
For dinner I got vegan mini pizzas with spinach, this was good. And some delicious chocolate as dessert that my partner got me from my favorite bakery.
In between I managed to watch some episode of Euphoria. Well, HBO still sticks to it’s slogan „it’s not porn, it’s HBO“. So. Many. Penises. At least it’s something new and not constantly showing naked cis women. Appart from the genitalia the show is actually quite good. I like the actors and the kind of storytelling.
Now off to bed.