Started the day with walkies with Panka while the boys were still sleeping. It was raining a bit but mostly we were lucky and had dry weather. We then went to the bakery where I was very disappointed. Usually they have Berliner with Nougat filling during Karneval, but not today. Urgh! So I got Krapfen instead, which is also a fried thingy but without a filling.

After a nice breakfast it was already time to depart, I drove to my friends for a snack & play date. I brought the Krapfen and a Banana-Choc-Bread, we also had yummy chocolate and two sorts of chips. We played Azul Queen’s Garden, first time with the correct rules. The last times we played it with harder rules. So it was now much easier. I managed to get a lot of bonuses and won. Then we played all the Clever variants, as usual I sucked at the easier ones but one the last two hardest ones. Yay. Then it was unfortunately time to finish up and drive home. But we already got a new date in the beginning of March, yay! I love being there, it’s a mental health vacation for me.

At home, I walked with Panka again, Franco was not up for it and prefered playing with my partner. Afterwards, I read the first volume of the manga Black Butler. Don’t know if I will continue the series, it plays in Victorian England and is about a 12 year old heir that has a demon as a butler, but it seems to be more on the funny side. Not my cup of tea.

Then we watched First Men. It is a history movie about Neil Armstrong and the first landing on the moon. I liked the movie but it was a bit boring because I saw/read this story in different variants, including the alternative history variant of For All Mankind. First Men didn’t offer anything new. But the scene were they had their first ascent into space was awesome, so eery with all the ratteling sounds.

Now, I have finished my whole backlog of stuff from the librabry! I didn’t get anything new because my reservations were on the librabry bus and it was broken again. It makes me very angry that the city spents tons of money for throwing a party for drunk teenagers on Karneval but hasn’t enough to buy a proper librabry bus. Well, but it will be warm soon, so I can drive by bike to the main librabry again.