Early start into the day but I was awake and had a good nights sleep. We drove the doggys to day care and then I had breakfast at my office. Some e-mails got me angry, good that I had planned to go to the gym anyway. I could blast off some of many anger energy there. There was only one other person at the gym, so I had a nice workout with no problems to get to my machines. I finished with a bit of cardio, 10minutes on the stairmaster and 10minutes on the crosstrainer. I wanted to do a bit more but work was calling, I had a short zoom call scheduled. So, back to the office, made me some tea, ate a protein bar and did the zoom call.

At around noon we drove to the city where I did some errands. And I bought eggcups! I have been looking for some for a long time now, either they were ugly or too expansive. Then I found nice ones in Karstadt and also bought four plates in the same color, to have a breakfast set for four people. And I have hope that this brand will live on for a time, so that I could buy more pieces.

Today, we cancelled our trip to Naples. I’m actually really happy about it. Our flight back home was cancelled, the alternative was a flight at night. I was anxious that our hotel would be fine. I started to get a bit afraid because of the criminality. And I read horrible things about visiting the Vesuv, it sounded so chaotic and stressful to get tickets for it. The trip already had so many stress factors before we even arrived. So now we cancelled and have flight vouchers. I think we will use them for Edinburgh or London. Or any city that has a Motel One, my safe place when I travel. (I just saw that there are new ones in Copenhagen and Barcelona, yay. I have never been to Spain but now that I know a safe hotel there, this is a possibility.)

We just finished the another episode of 1899. I like were the show is going but this makes me even sadder that Netflix cancelled it.

Good news: we got into rather random contact with 4 other people and are planning to form a monthly pen & paper group (if all dogs and humans get along). So far everyone sounds nice and I am happy with the setting. This time I will try to not please others but look at my needs first. I’m always afraid of sounding like a princess or nitpicker but I don’t want to give up my health and well-being for being easy to others. For example, I cannot get to bed too late, otherwise I’ll pay with insomnia and being a wreck the other day. But I’m hopeful that this will work out.

Oh and I played Cascadia and won the fifth scenario. Yay!