Done. I am finished with all my people-y things. And I am so tired from being social and ready for the weekend.

I had a nice start into the day, the gym was empty, I could use the machines as I wished and was finished when other people came. Then I went back to the office and prepared again my presentation for the faculty’s administration meeting. The attandance was higher than at the last meeting. I had to wait for about an 1,5 hours until it was my turn to speak. I presented our office assistant’s network. There are about 40 people in the faculty who work at this position but the majority of us don’t know many of the others. So some of us got a network running. I had the impression that I was talking in lightspeed during my presentation and nobody got what I was saying. I choose about 4 friendly faces and swapped between them and looking just into the people void. I was finished way faster than I anticipated and didn’t forget any important information. Afterwards, my collegues from the network said that I was very good, didn’t seem nervous at all and made the impression that I was talking freely and with a lot of confidence („Wie spontan aus dem Ärmel geschüttelt“). Ha. This was not the first time I got very good feedback for public speaking. The truth is that I am dying on stage and I learn my text by heart. I even include „ähm“ and repetitions to make it seem more natural. I was very glad that it was over and so tired of everything that I didn’t even bother the group work we had to do afterwards. But I was hungry as a wolf and very happy when everything was done and we could get to the buffet. At some point we were 8 people from our network gathered at a table. And another person approached us to join the network. I remember the same faculty meeting in 2019 where I clung to the only person I knew. Now it was different, we were the biggest groupd! All in the all the meeting had more positive than negative things and I had a nice time with my colleagues. Still very happy that I switched work places in 2018, one of the best things I did in my life. I think there is no better workplace for my strengths and my „conditions“.

I didn’t do much else today and now need a lot of rest time. We just watched the first episode of The Midnight Club. This seems okay but not as good as the other Netflix shows by Mike Flanagan.

Oh and there are nice concert news! Last year in May, I travelled to Glasgow to see one of my fav bands live, Travis. And exactly this concert will be released on a live album! Yay! And tomorrow Die Toten Hosen will be playing a charity concert for Turkey (donations go to Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Medico International). I was thinking about going there but decided against it because I didn’t want to drive there or get a hotel room in Düsseldorf. Luckily the concert will be streamed on radio and on TV Awesome! And I’m still impressed how they managed to organise this concert within a couple of days. But well, Düsseldorf has better skills in organising things than Köln ever could…