I have quite the social hangover from yesterday and needed a lot of rest today. Well, didn’t get that much because there was housework to do and some workwork things to finish.
We got three new members for our network thanks to my presentation yesterday, at least it was not for nothing. I also had a good talk with a co-worker (I could call her my client in some way?) and told her some of mine/our problems. She alluded that there may be a financial solution, I told her that I would come back to that if needed. I already had this plan but it is nice to hear others offering financial support instead of demanding it. Readers of this blog post will probably don’t get anything I talk about and yes, it is complicated and complex and just university administration stuff. But I also had easy stuff to do, I uploaded grades and booked a room and there were no problems with both things. This doesn’t happen often because usually everything wants to become a problem. But byebye work and hello weekend.

I tried to destroy the final boss for my huntress in Octopath. This didn’t end well. Then I checked that the recommended level is 45 and three of four party members were at 42. Ok, back to boot camp. Then I tried again with three characters over 45. I did well but then I made a mistake and everyone was killed. Oh no.

I also watched two episodes of Euphoria. What is with this show and it’s obsession about showing dicks? But well, HBO got enough of boobs, gore, rape and cruelty and the last escalation step to shock everybody is… penises. Anyhow, the show is good with or without them.

Now I am waiting for the Toten Hosen Konzert to start, let’s see how long I will be awake for this.