It’s too cold for my taste. I was freezing so much today while being outside, it’s no fun. I don’t understand all those people going outside in the park with no reason at all. You should stay at home if you don’t have to walk your dog in the freezing cold!

At least I finished my audiobook Shards of Earths. I liked the main story but not a lot happenend besides the crew traveling from here to there, like in Firefly but with flat characters, and the main story bits could be concluded to half the size of the book or less. I think I would have been better off with this book as print. Anyway, I am surprised that the book got such good ratings. It’s not bad but I wouldn’t consider it outstanding. It has a lot of info dumping with different worlds, politics and species. I couldn’t reject the thought that this was typical cis male writing and I am a bit bored of that generic uncreative writing style.

I also watched two episode of Euphoria, the show dug really deep into the downsides of drug abuse. Totally not drug-related topic, I also played a game of Everdell and lost in solo mode. I also had the impression that the game was faster than the solo game before, that means I wasted moves and had fewer combo effects.

Little future planing today: I looked up restaurants for my visit in London and now we probably have an Indian restaurant not far from Covent Garden where we will got on my friends‘ birthday. And I made other plans to visit Burgers‘ Zoo in the Netherlands. I was there once as a child and always wanted to go there again. It is a week after my birthday, so a good after-birthday „party“ with friends, snacks and capybaras.

Now off to bed, hopefully I will now get some reading done until I fall asleep.