I can’t believe it’s Monday, it already feels like the week has been 7 months long. At least it was a normal routine day, finally!
We brought the doggys to daycare. Before, I had to retrieve their sweaters from the cellar, because it got so cold again. Then off to the office, where I had breakfast and solved the next crises. I did two things wrong with contracts, well, one of the things was a miscommunication by other people who I asked twice about the end date and they still gave me the wrong one. Now I hope that the contracts can be fixed soon. After this I went to the gym and had finally enough time to do as much as I wanted. So I did some strength training. Unfortunately the dude-quota was way too high, they were blocking the machines, chatting, sitting on it and looking on their phone. Guys, this is what cafés and park benches are for, not the gym. After I was finished I did some cardio, survived the stair master for 15min and then got onto the crosstrainer for another 15min, during which I made 2km of walking. Yay me.

Afterwards back to work and then I biked home through the cold. Then some grocery shopping, housework (it was time again to wash my blankets. Stupid adult things.) and more workwork until everyone came home.

On the fun side: I finished Euphoria today. I really liked the show and was very hooked during season 2. I also started my new audio book Show Us Who You Are by Elle McNicoll. I thing it is a children’s book but so far I really like it. There are two cute neurodivergent characters (I hope parents and schools will someday promote such books, regardless of their childs neurotype) and their adventure seems to dive into a plot around a company that tries to make people into holograms.

Now off two bed with another episode of The Midnight Club.