I got my hair cut today and it was quite ok. Still small talk but I liked the hairdresser. He didn’t try to sell me anything, was quick and did my hair as I wished. The salon is near my office and cheaper than anything I have to pay where I live (downsides of living in proximity to very rich people). And I even didn’t get a migraine from the shampoo which I usually get because it has to much perfume in it. This was good because I had a lunchdate with my colleague afterwards. We went to a cafe for which she got a voucher for her birthday. It had good food and a really nice atmosphere, we were both happy to be there. I love eating out so much, especially for lunch or a piece of cake.

Today I also had a good gym session. No chatty dudes blocking the machines. It’s just fascinating that my upper body strength changes from session to session. Sometimes I go up with the weights and then again down. I think it has to do with my back that is not in the best condition. With my legs it is only up with the weights.

So all in all a good day.