Woke up with a headache, continued the day with a headache. I’m glad it is weekend now and that I have two nice days ahead with friends, food and boardgames.

Usually I have home office on fridays but since we had a meeting before lunch, I was at the office today. I went to the gym for a bit, today only cardio. I did 20 minutes on the stairmaster (yay me) and 20 minutes on the crosstrainer. Doing cardio at the gym is much more fruitful than doing some home workout where my heart rate doesn’t go that high. Also, I am often bored and annoyed with workout videos whereas I don’t mind doing cardio on machines. While doing my workouts I could watch tv, so that is another positive aspect.

I watched the third episode of the Sex and the City sequel. I like that Sara Ramirez (Callie from Grey’s Anatomy) is on the show, they play a podcaster and comedian, who is like Sara non-binary. And I think that they will be a love interest for Miranda, so at least that is some new storyline. The other two women are just as boring as in the old show. (Samantha is not on the show)

My meeting at work was good, our team made a plan on how to present our case at the next week’s meeting with the „the big boss“. And another good work thing: I found two big rooms for two rather complicated exams in the summer. This is a miracle and I’m still anxious that somebody will come up and say „Nope, you can’t have these rooms“.

Ooof, I am so ready for bed and sleeping a bit longer, I hope the dogs won’t wake up too really.