What a long day. At least I have the second worst appointment of this week behind me.
Today I was again at the office. From there I went to the gym and upped some of my weights. I saw on my training sheet that I have been doing some exercises with the same weight for several weeks now. So up they went. It’s nice to make progress and get stronger. Well, I also think that all the food from the weekend gave me extra strength. Maybe I should eat more on the days/evenings before exercise.

At noon I had my doctor’s appointment that I have been waiting for almost half a year. I was very afraid of it because it was a new doctor and I am very afraid of cancer. It’s stupid because it is just another precaution to prevent cancer and get malignant cells early. Both this doctor and my usual doctor told me that this is a routine checke that health insurance now pays. But reasonable-me and anxious-me weren’t able to agree in the last months. Anyway, the appointment was painful but endurable. The doctor was very nice and professional, no small-talk, just business-stuff. I think she has a good feeling for what her patients need. Now I am again waiting for results. The doctor said she doesn’t think that the cells are bad but I still I worry. If the cells are bad, the tissue has to be removed like a bad tooth and that’s it. But of course I imagine to have the worst possible case that nobody thought about. Thanks to trauma. Urgh.

Off to better topics. Well, not so much better. In Octopath Traveler I tried the final boss for the magician and utterly failed. AAAAARGH. My group has a much higher level than recommenend but it is still so hard and I have to switch classes for my group members. This annoys me so much but I am still eager to try.

Oh another really good thing: my library card is unlocked again. I managed to put in the password wrong for three times and then my account was suspended. You can only unlock it at the librabry. I went there, was looking for someone and then the secuarity guard told me, that all the administration staff are not here on Monday. Nooooo. But he was so nice to check other offices and found one statt member who unlocked my card. Yay! I packed my bag full of DVDs.

Long day, I am glad that tomorrow there is nothing special going on.