Short entry for yesterday
Had a relaxing early day with walkies and breakfast. Then some housework and stuff, at noon tea and carrot cake. Yum! Again walkies. Then I prepared the boardgame Spirit Island and decided to play a quick solo game to get back into the rules. After the last walkies for the day two friends arrived. My first game of Spirit Island with three players. It is not that different to two players but I like it when the spirits are helping each other out with cool cards. I was hungry and luckily our food arrived very quickly. We decided on Vietnamese, a restaurant I didn’t know but which had very good ratings in the app. I was not that eager for it because I eat Vietnamese quite often. However, so far all Vietnamese restaurants were excellent, so it’s always a safe choice. I had a bowl with peanuts, tofu, rice, mango, a tiny bit of curry-coconut sauce and veggies and it was superb. I also had tofu sticks fried in rice flakes (I thought they were smaller so I only managed to eat one) and sweet sticky rice balls filled with bean paste. Everything was so delicious! I want to go there again and eat at the restaurant some time soon. And it was nice not having to cook, I am currently not in the mood for that. All in all a good day.