A bit on the ill side today as my throat is a itchy and just feels ill. I hope my body will be able to defend this infection before it gets worse.
At work there isn’t much to do right now. Still didn’t get a reply to an important e-mail, so I’m doing upkeeping and trying to compose a very important and long e-mail. My colleague insists that I take a sick day because I haven’t been feeling well in the last time. It’s nice to have a work environment where everybody is looking out for each other.

I tried again to get around or kill the zombies in The Last of Us and didn’t manage it again. Ugh, so frustrating and it feels like stupid work. At this point I am happy that I didn’t buy the game. Then I switched to Okami which I bought a couple of months (years?) ago in sale. I played it on the Nintendo Wii in the elder days, in the years of yore, but then was suffocated under my life following completly apart. Well, today it brought me joyful colors, fun and a possibility to kill my enemys. Oh and quickly back to The Last of Us: I finished season one of the tv show. I think without the great actors I would have found the show rather boring. But it is a nice change for apocalyptic plots to focus on some characters that aren’t relevant for the rest of the show.

Still reading the Sanderson book about Tress. It’s a standalone but this is also a Cosmere book and I think this is the first time, that one of Sandersons books drips of references to the Cosmere? I really enjoy this book so far. Sanderson is such a great writer, at least for my tastes.

We just finished watching It Comes At Night. Well, the movie shouldn’t be marketed as horror movies, it’s more of a psychological drama. And a dog dies. The movies was okayish but all in all it’s forgettable. I’m glad I didn’t pay for it, I got the movie from the library. And let’s hope that the library bus will finally be here again tomorrow. The bus has been under repair for 3 or 4 weeks now.