Almost normal day. I was at the gym in the morning, a bit late, but I was lucky that it was empty anyway. This time I could finish all my upper body exercises that I had struggled with the last times. Maybe thanks to the huge and protein-rich pizza I had yesterday.

At work I am still waiting for this e-mail with information. I hate waiting and I know that some other people are also waiting for replys… there wasn’t much to do, this is the weeks of calm before the circle of doom starts again.

I played two games of Trails of Tucana today. It’s okayish but I am glad I didn’t buy that game.

I also could read a bit, watch an episode of the next season of White Lotus (hello Italy) and we watched the movie Moonrise Kingdom. I liked it but I also didn’t like it because of the child romance in it. This was very awkward.

Now off to bed. I am dreading tomorrow. Panka has a small operation, a growth on her foot will be removed. It’s nothing big and what makes me really sad is not giving her breakfast in the morning. I think there was a time in her life when she didn’t have enough food, so it breaks my heart to let her be hungry. She doesn’t understand that it is for her best, so that the growth doesn’t turn into something bad. Poor girl. I am glad when tomorrow everything is over and she is at home again.