Didn’t do much today because I was in pain and nervously waiting for the call from the clinic. It came at around 4, Panka’s operation went without complications. The growth on her foot is gone, I hope everything will heal well. Panka is very tired and a bit drugged, but she is now sleeping in her bed. Tomorrow, everything will hopefully be forgotten. Poor baby.

I am furiously angry at myself. I have to cancel my trip next week to London. I wanted to celebrate with my friends their birthday. But Panka cannot go to doggy daycare with her wound. We have nobody who could look after her. I can get a refound on the flight and use it on another flight. But I won’t get the money back for the Abba Musical and probably I’ll never get to see this musical because of course my friends will go see it next week and probably won’t go a second time. This missed opportunity just makes me sad and angry at myself.

I don’t know why I planned this so stupid. My last longer vacation was in October. And now I was so tired that I made shitty plans and ruined my vacation. Well done. Currently I don’t want to touch or do anything out of fear of messing up.

(At least my friend stays in London for a bit longer and I can visit her another time. If I don’t mess up again something.)