I could use another weekend. Well, at least I have Thursday and Friday off, whether I will be in London or not. Tomorrow the dog-daddy will ask our day care if they could take Panka under special observation for these two days. Either they take her and I can go to London or not. Can’t change anything about it anymore, though I am still angry at myself.

To the positive things: Panka was a good girl this night and didn’t do anything to her bandage. We had a nice family walk and breakfast. Then I did some housework, cleaned the baths and the baking tray. Fridge has to be cleaned too, but this I’ll do tomorrow, now that the fridge is a bit emptier.

I convinced myself to do a workout today after I had two rest days. It’s harder to get back the longer ago the last workout is. So I am happy I

And then I read almost all day. I haven’t done this for a long time but Tress of The Emerald Sea captured me strongly and I had to continue on reading. This book was so weird, unique and had quite a few surprises. In the afterword I read that Sanderson was inspired by The Princess Bride and Good Omes. Good, that I didn’t know this, I don’t particularly like these two stories.

Now having a nice evening with cake and The White Lotus. Tomorrow I’ll be home with the doggys and hopefully finish my important e-mail.