June 2023

Let’s see if I will be better with monthly reviews. I still do my daily diary but it’s shorter and for me only.

Looking back June was soooo full. But mostly good stuff. There was the Muse concert which was awesome. I visted my Clever friends two times, had my coworker and her partner over for boardgames, had a nice pancake & zoo visit with two friends, a breakfast with my coworkers, a very good workshop at work, the summer party of our faculty, survived lots of appointments, played a lot of backgammon and other boardgames.

On top of that I finally got a Playstation 5 and the newest Final Fantasy. I have been a fan of the series since Final Fantasy 8, and now 16 really got to me. I love the story and could play it for hours if I had the time. It hasn’t that many RPG elements as the Final Fantasys, but the story is superb and the gameplay fun. I’m so glad we got rid of the open-world stuff. I hated it so much in 15.

I tried Sea, Salt and Paper for the first time and really enjoyed it. But my boardgame of the month is Ark Nova which I played twice. And Backgammon as my fav quick game.

I read/listened to seven books, wow! (Maybe 8 books if I finish the last one today).
I especially like these two young adult books:
We deserve Mountains by Jas Hammonds
All My Rage by Sabaa Tahir

My fav film this month: Crimes of the Future. It’s really weird, a kind of medical horror, not everybody’s taste.

TV Shows:
I watched XO, Kitty and The Power, both were kind of ok but nothing special. I looooved Queen Charlotte and The Queen’s Gambit. And I also liked the final season of Never Have I Ever, it was a good ending for the show.