January 2024

January was the month of various doctor’s appointments. Including my nose operation, I had a correction of the nasal septum in order to breath better through my nose. It was with full anesthesia but only 20 minutes of surgery. The whole thing felt like a drive-in. I got there, changed, had a short conversation with the anesthetist, then the operation started and 30 minutes later I was awake and out of the practice an hour later. The operation went well so far, but at some point the silicone splints inside my nose drove me crazy. And I had constant headaches. I had to water my nose 3-4 times a day and a part of that water kept being inside my face/skull and since I am very sensitive in the skull area I got headaches from this. I was glad that I was on sick leave. I had various other doctor’s appointments, check-ups, etc. and a very stupid and unpleasant appointment with a person who I had the impression was incompetent and unprepared. It still gnaws at me. There were few social appointments, all before the operation: a snack & play with friends, a game of Twilight Imperium 4 with three players and one offline game of Pathfinder.
Oh yeah right, there was also a lot of snow for a week or so. This was very nice, the world was beautiful and the doggys enjoyed playing in the snow very much.

Boardgames (and other games):
Well, there was Twilight Imperium 4, Planet Unknown, Robin Hood, Azul and some of the Clevers. I very much enjoyed Planet Unknown which I got from the librabry. Maybe I’ll buy it some day. I also played a lot of Baldur’s Gate 3, almonst only in Act 1.

Yes Please by Amy Poehler was a good audiobook. I need to rewatch Parks & Recreation with her. Defiant by Brandon Sanderson is the last book in the Skyward series. It was not as good as the previous books but I still like this young adult sci-fi series. Then I read When Women Were Dragons by Kelly Barnhill which was an interesting alternate history read.

We finished watching The Lord of The Rings, still my fav movies. We also watched Renfield, a weird Dracula adaptation with Nicolas Cage. Rebel Moon really sucked, it reminded me of Star Wars and I don’t like Star Wars.

TV Shows:
A bit of For All Mankind. I still like the show but the fourth season was weak compared to the previous ones. We watched Monarch which was kind of ok. I liked the new Percy Jackson show though it’s cleary aimed for people with a very low attention span. Everything happened so fast and some things were skipped. Then there was a lot of Shameless. I love that show.