February 2024

Again a bit late, but here is my February recap. The first half of the month was pleasantly quiet. Some boardgaming sessions with friends and a visit to the Banksy Exhibition here in Cologne. It was great seeing so many pieces by Banksy, especially the ones that require some context. For example, they rebuild a bathroom with his art on the walls. Biggest thing in February was my trip to London. It has already been a year now that my friend moves there. We visited Hampton Court Palace and went to a morning classical music session at the Royal Albert Hall. And then we just enjoyed the nice weather which was way better than in Cologne. The last two weeks were then a bit stressful with social work things and doctor’s appointments, plus the weather being city and public transport on strike, my mood was pretty low then at the end of the month.

Boardgames (and other games):
I am happy with the games play in February. A lot of Clever, a bit of Qwixx and The Game. We also managed to play big games like Ark Nova and Everdell Farshore. And we played an „Escape Room“ game, it was different riddles that where all related to being on a ship.

I read more than I thought I did! I finished 7 books. I think my fav was Neuroqueer Heresies by Nick Waker where I learned that neuroqueer is actually supposed to be a verb. I like the conceopt of neuroqueering. I listened to I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy. I didn’t know her as an actress but her story about her abuse mother pushing her into child acting was very disturbing. And to the last book was Diana by Andrew Morton. It was a bit boring because I knew the stuff from other stories and of course from the TV show The Crown. But it’s still fascinating how they pulled the stunt of making a autobiography without anyone knowing this at the point of publication.

Not much going on here. The Creator was as boring as any Star Wars movie. The other movie I wateched was Pride & Prejudice. I really like Colin Firth, but Matthew Macfadyen is the better Mr Darcy.

TV Shows:
We finished Home Before Dark which was an okayish show but probably nothing I’ll remember for long. I also finished the 8th season of Queer Eye which I am sorry to say was rather boring. I also watched the BBC Show Pride & Prejudice, it was a bit too slow for my taste but I liked it anyway. And then there was a lot of Shameless. I watched the whole 8h season and bits of season 6 and 9.