March 2024

Wow, time flies. Again a lot to do at work and a lot of stuff giving my anxiety the whole month. But also some good things: we had a very nice and entertaining tabletop rpg session of Mausritter. Such a beautiful game and easy to get into. We also played Pathfinder in March and I am not sure if I will ever become friends with Pathfinder. The system seems complicated and clumsy and I still don’t really enjoy playing it. Long and boring encounters and not much to do besides it. I had more fun with my brief experiences with DnD but those were too short to properly compare to Pathfinder. Anyway, a big fun thing in March was our short trip to Hamburg. My third time, but my first two visits were on business trips where Hamburg didn’t leave a good impression. But this trip was so awesome that Hamburg may become my favorite big city in Germany? (Of course after my home city Düsseldorf). It was such a beautiful trip! I love how much water there is in the city, it’s like Amsterdam but not so chaotic I guess? I hope to come back to Hamburg some day.
Oh and there was a visit to a small concert with a pirate metal band. Not my choice of music but it was quite ok. First time in ages that I drank cocktails but they weren’t that expansive and quite good.

I just played the standard boardgames like Azul and Clever. And a lot of Baldur’s Gate 3. It’s a pitty that the third act is so boring and bad compared to the two previous acts (not I didn’t finish the game in March…)

I finally finished my two too long books: Iron Flame and Crescent City 2. The first was okayish but too long. The second was utterly boring and though I skipped many chapters it still took too long to read.
But after those books I had a streak of cozy nice books: Remarkably Bright Creatures, Lessons in Chemistry and Sweet Bean Paste (ok this is about Hansen Disease/Leprosy, so that part isn’t so cozy).
I also read Unlearning Shame by Devon Price, which got me thinking a lot about my fields of shame (some body parts, some my mind parts, things from the past) but I don’t think that I’ll be able to let go of it soon.

I watched Aquaman 2 which was fun. Of course I am always in for stories about brothers! I also watched The Last Unicorn for the first time. I didn’t watch it before because everyone was saying how sad the movies was. And it totally wasn’t? I am really confused about people’s childhood memories. (But there were some scenes that I would have been afraid of as a kid). The film was good but not my favorite style of animation.

TV Shows:
We finished the old anime series Queen Millennia. I enjoyed the show very much, it is typically Japanese with a complex story and some wild turn arounds. I also finished Shameless. The ending was good and fitting to the show and characters but yeah I got a bit sad because I am going to miss the Gallagher’s.