April 2024

April’s weather in April, what a torture. There were days where we had all the seasons, changing every 10 minutes.
In April, there was a lot of work stuff going on, my colleague and I decided to change to a different department. Actually not much is going to change for us, same offices and stuff, only the people we work for may change. I still don’t know yet. I hate not knowing stuff. Otherwise not much going on, I had some boardgame- and lunchdates, but all in all it was a quiet month with not so much social stuff.

I finished Baldur’s Gate 3. Act 3 was boring and the ending not that satisfying. And I am still very very sad that I didn’t get to date Asterion. So I’m gonna have to play that game again. Then I started playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. It’s sooo good. They made some stuff easier (like not having to reload old saves when you want to start a fight over), the artwork is beautiful, Sephiroth still one of the best villains ever and there is so much that remindes me of the old FF7.
I played three new boardgames: Qwirkle: love it. Trade on Tigris: way better than I thought. Expiditions: Clumsy beginning, but then I liked it. I also played some other boardgames like Turing Machine and the Clevers.

I consumed 6 boooks. My fav was Yellowface by R.F. Kuang. I also liked her other book Babel. And Nettle & Bone by T. Kingfisher was suprisingly good, it was like an old fairy tale but with some nice twists.

April was a film month, I watched 12 movies, wow, that is a lot for me. I got many DVDs from the library and worked through my watchlist. What I liked: Saltburn, eXistenZ, Memoir of a Murderer and Mirage. Special note to the Finnish horror movie Hatching that got me nightmares.

TV Shows:
I also watched quite a lot of shows. 3 Body Problem was not as good as the books, there was essential stuff missing. Kevin Can F*** Himself was really good, a show that is half sitcom and half drama. I also watched all episodes of Undone which was a beautiful animated show about the butterfly effect. Then I continued with the third season of Upload. It’s an okayish show about a world where you can upload yourself after dying and then live in a simulated world. Next was Baby Reindeer, a miniseries about a female stalker. It was interesting and shocking because it is based on real events, but I thought both main characters were kind of annoying and horrible by different degrees.
And then we also watched what everybody seems to be talking about: Fallout. I didn’t like the first episodes, I don’t like the world-building so much because there is too much going on. But the last episodes were better and had some good plot twists.