May 2024

My birthday month! It felt very celebretory, I got so many wonderful presents and saw my friends for brunch, gaming and BBQ. In addition, May was full of holidays which were very much needed. Work was still stressful but the exhausting part of transitioning to new structures is coming to an end. I also had some doctor’s appointments, one doctor was so nice and empathic I cried happy tears. So all in all May was a good month.

Still playing Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth. I still like the storyline and the basic gameplay but oh boy, why are there so many repetitive sidequests and stupid mini games? Yes, the original Final Fantasy 7 had it’s share of mini games and goofing-around but with FF7 Rebirth I feel like half the game is filled with this kind of stuff.
Concerning boardgames May was pretty good. First time I playe Power Struggle, not my kind of game, I don’t like games with bribing other players. I played Wingspan Asia solo which was so much fun that I directly bought all the other expansions. I also enjoyed The Crew very much.

Ok, too many hyped books I didn’t like that much: Demon Copperhead, House of Flame and Shadow and The House in the Cerulean Sea.
YA books I enjoyed: Moxie, Five Feet Apart and Every Last Word.
The Book I absolutely adored and devoured: The Women by Kristin Hannah.
Oh and as a birthday gift my partner got me the new Tolino Shine Color. I love having an e-reader with color! It’s nice to see all the colorful book covers and the occasionally colored pages in Manga or books.

I saw the Macbeth theather play with Ralph Fiennes and Indira Varma in the cinema, it was very entertaining and Indira Varma the best Lady Macbeth I have ever seen. Then I saw some Batman Anime films which were all ok but sometimes hard to understand if you don’t know the world by heart. Another movie was Unfrosted which I thought would be the worst movie this month but it was topped by Oppenheimer. The acting was good but the storyline and script were, as we would say in German, „nichts halbes und nichts ganzes“. There were different themes and topics going through the story but not in a good way, it felt like 4 unfinished movies meshed into one. But well, the movie got me into nice Wikipedia sessions about the atomic bomb (I’m quite a „fan“ of Radiation and stuff)

TV Shows:
I watched and finished One Day, it was a very cute mini series but I hated the ending. Then I got into a serious obsession (pun intended) with the tv show You. It’s basically about a man who becomes obsessed with a woman and stalks her. But it’s not like a real life crime story (I personally am a bit tired of glorified male murderer stuff with female victims), but actually more of a twisted dark comedy making fun of the characters.