Currently sitting at the airpoet and waiting for my flight.

Yesterday’s recap: We had a good breakfast at my friend’s home. She had to work, so my other friend and I went to the city. We were having a nice walk in Regent’s Park and then decided to visit the London Zoo. I saw tigers, lions, naked moles and a sloth and her baby. She lives in a dark zone where she can go as she likes. But she decided to have a nap on the ground where visitors walk. So the zoo put up a safety rail around her and a keeper was sitting with her, telling the visitors that this is a sloth with her baby and not a discarded coat. So cute! I enjoyed the zoo very much and was glad I went there. The weather was also good. But then it good ugly. We had spells of heavy rain the whole day, it was so exhausting. I have never experienced such bad weather in London.

We wanted to have High Tea at a certain cafe. Well, I should have made a reservation, there was no place to sit. At least I got to Waterstones and found two books for my partner. I also wanted to get him a bluray but where?? Currys had electronics and I could have bought a PS5. But not DVDs or Blurays. I had no strength left to google for an HMV and then drive there, I was so exhausted.

Went to another cafe, cake was ok, but I can have better in Cologne. We were back home at about 5pm and already had get ready to go again to the city to see the Mamma Mia Musical. Ooooof.

The musical was awesome. Not so good as The Lion King or Book of Mormony, but still I was very happy to have seen it. It was such fun and in the end people were allowed to dance and sing along, this was awesome.

Again I could sleep so good because of my insomia and sleepinh issues. And since my partner is having trouble wirh Panka at home (nothing bad, she just has to be monitored), I decided to make us all happy and go one day home earlier. It was a good trip but not it’s good to go home to my family.


Saying hello from London! I had an early start into the day, woke up at 5am and left the house a bit after 6am. My train was on time, baggage drop and security took about 10mins. So all in all it only took me 1 hour from door to the gate. Our departure was 30min late because there was too much traffic in London. Well, as long as they don’t start handing out free water… (a sign for a longer delay).

Yes, I am always happy to survive a plane flight although statistically it is more probable that I die on my bike in Cologne’s traffic.

I was out of Heathrow Airport in only 15min and half an hour later at my friend’s tube station. We went to a cafe for a late breakfast, the food was bad, welcome to England!

My friend’s sister/my other friend arrived in the afternoon and then we were heading of to Covent Garden. We went to an Indian Restaurant and oh my god it was really good. We had Chicken Tikka, Curry with Paneer, Samoas, Naan and Rice. I also had a delicious Mango-Lasso. Now I am sad that we don’t have such good Indian food in Cologne. Afterwards we went to Covent Garden, did some shopping (of course I got my rose tea… and two other teas) and then went to a cafe. I had rose tea there, a vanille millefeuille and a tea lemon macaron. Everything was very good and the cafe really beautiful.

Back at my friend’s place we celebrated their birthday a bit and now I am ready to fall asleep. Such a long but good day.

(And at home everything was good with Panka and her bandages. Thanks to our great day care trainers. I am so glad that they made it possible to take care of Panka.)


Everything was calm at work but of course on my last work day several people were calling me and fires started to burn. But everything is so far under control that either it can wait until Monday or be solved by my colleague.

No news from Panka. She still has her bandages on and nothing seems to bother her. Only a couple of days left and then she will be free of everything. She is such a brave and good girl.

Just watched the last episode of The Time Traveler’s Wife and now I am really sad that the show was cancelled. Noooo. Still glad though that I watched it.

Everything is packed for tomorrow. I am utterly nervous that the train won’t come or I’ll somehow miss my flight. In reality, I’ll probably sit at the gate for an hour because I was so fast. And of course I am worried about Panka. But she’s in good hands in the day care and then with my partner at home, getting everything she needs. I already miss them all. But still very happy that I can make this vacation. Yay. Now off to bed.