Another day at home with the doggys, keeping an eye on Panka and on the Regenradar app to check when it stops to rain. Well, it was constantly raining a bit but we could make our walkies.

In the afternoon, I was with Panka at the vet, yes, again. Yesterday evening, her paw was bigger than the other. A blood congestion caused by the bandage being too tight. We were warned that this could happen, would be easier if the dog could tell us if a bandage is too tight. Or we could tell the dog to not lick the wound. We opened the bandage but the paw was still swollen on the next day. I opened the bandage more and cut a lot of it away. But after an hour the paw was still swollen so I made an appointment. Of course, 40min prior, the paw was getting back to normal. But the bandage was in pretty bad shape and I think that it was itching somewhere, so we went anyway. Now Panka has a bandage over all her foot, this should prevent swelling. The dogctor also showed me how to make a shoe out of a latex glove, to protect the bandage from rain. On Friday, the next bandage change is due, but we’ll see if she gets one or if we just use a sock to prevent her from licking the „wound“ (it’s hardly visible anymore and very tiny).

Afterwards, I went to our book store. It’s small but so good in stock. And I love that they are strong on the feminism side but not so aggressivly open about it to not repel their conservative costumers. Just sneaking in here and there feminist books. I got two books as presents for my friends and myself the Missy Magazine, where my fav comedian Giula Becker gave an interview.

I played a bit Okami on the playstation and watched an episode of The Time Traveler’s Wife. I must admit that I totally dig this tv show and that I am already sad that it was cancelled. After this I need to find another good romance show, maybe I should give Outlander another chance. In the evenings we are watching Shadow and Bones, but I have to admit that the show got boring. Or it is just me not liking urban fantasy.


Good news, everyone. I can travel to London on Thursday! Whoooozaaa. I am so happy and excited!
Dog-daddy spoke with the day care today, he explained Panka’s situation and showed pics of her bandage. The trainer was very nice and said that it would be no problem to have Panka in day care on Thursday and Friday. She’ll be in close monitoring in the „quiet room“ where some of the older or smaller dogs spent their day and a trainer will accompany her when she is outside in the big area doing her business. I am so relieved! And did I say how happy I am? Yay!

And in addition to these good news: Panka was at the vet today to have her bandage changed. The wound is healing perfectly fine. It’s very small and hardly visible anymore, the whole bandage is only there so she doesn’t lick her wound.

Now, I can finally make plans for my trip. After some research I found the website where you can see how long the security check takes. Last year there was utter chaos at the security check, I was lucky that I only had to wait one hour for my trip to Scotland then (before it usually took about 15min). But now I saw that you can book specific time slots for the security check, so I booked one about one hour before my flight goes. This takes away a lot of worrying (IF this system works, we are still at Germany, where things often don’t work as they should, despite of what you may have heard about our country). Unfortunately, it is too late to buy a visitor oyster card, I thought I could use this with an app but it is a card that they send via mail. I’ll order one for my next trip then and for this I’ll use normal tickets for the tube. (I think I didn’t use the tube in 2019?? I can’t remember buying a ticket then. I think we only used the red tourist bus and a taxi.)

Yesterday, we finished the second season of The White Lotus. I must admit that the solution of the murder mystery was very fun, though also tragic. Today, I started The Time Traveler’s Wife. I read the book but I totally forgot how sad it was. I got the plot confused with The Lake House. Oh no. I wanted just a nice romance. But the show was cancelled after one season, so we’ll probably don’t get to the very sad parts. So far I like the show, Ygritte from Game of Thrones as main cast is an excellent choice. The guy playing Henry I know from The White Lotus, where he played a rich asshole. Well, I know an actor who’s actual name is Henry, who would have been better for this role….

I choose my next book (something on the Kindle for my trip to London): The Terraformers by Annalee Newitz. I am eager for some sci-fi again!


I could use another weekend. Well, at least I have Thursday and Friday off, whether I will be in London or not. Tomorrow the dog-daddy will ask our day care if they could take Panka under special observation for these two days. Either they take her and I can go to London or not. Can’t change anything about it anymore, though I am still angry at myself.

To the positive things: Panka was a good girl this night and didn’t do anything to her bandage. We had a nice family walk and breakfast. Then I did some housework, cleaned the baths and the baking tray. Fridge has to be cleaned too, but this I’ll do tomorrow, now that the fridge is a bit emptier.

I convinced myself to do a workout today after I had two rest days. It’s harder to get back the longer ago the last workout is. So I am happy I

And then I read almost all day. I haven’t done this for a long time but Tress of The Emerald Sea captured me strongly and I had to continue on reading. This book was so weird, unique and had quite a few surprises. In the afterword I read that Sanderson was inspired by The Princess Bride and Good Omes. Good, that I didn’t know this, I don’t particularly like these two stories.

Now having a nice evening with cake and The White Lotus. Tomorrow I’ll be home with the doggys and hopefully finish my important e-mail.