Finally I had a bit of my routine back. In the morning, we drove the doggys to their day-care and then to our work places where I went to the gym. I had a break of two weeks because of Panka and my trip to London. The workout was good, nothing was harder than before. I even did 30min of Cardio, I only wanted to do 15min but I started to watch Succession and I was directly intrigued by this show.

At the office, I finally could finish my very important e-mail and forward it to my colleague to review it. And our whiteboards finally arrived, only took 5 months. Next week they will be put on the wall. Then my office is finished. I got the office in February 2022. This is how long it takes at our work to get everything in order…
After a longer break, I again had my lunch date with another colleague. We went to our usual Vietnamese restaurant and got a delicious pho soup.

Then I collected the doggys from day care. They told me that Panka has a sore and her foot. Urrrgh. Her wound looks good, but all the bandages and band-aids caused a sore somewhere else. It’s just a bit rubbed skin so I hope it will go away on it’s own. Panka has to continue to wear socks over night so she doesn’t lick the sore. Oh and we got the bill for her procedure. We’re lucky that it is lower than we thought. But still a lot for something so simple. Let’s see if our insurance will pay for this. (We knew that they maybe won’t pay but we’ll still try.)

I just played half an hour of Octopath Traveler II. Of course I choose the ruffed beardy guy as my first character. I looooove that you can now fast forward the scenes without skipping them. And you can make the battles faster. This is such a good improvement. (Still won’t buy the game, I can get it for a month for 1 Euro, if I am lucky even longer.)

Only one day of work left and then I am off for one week. Whoop!


I was at the vet with Panka. Poor girl, she was so afraid. The doc was happy with how Panka’s wound looks and pulled the strings from the suture (sorry my medical English is not that good, I wasn’t paying enough attention in Grey’s Anatomy). Now she only wears a sock for a couple of days to prevent her licking the wound. I’ll give it 2-3 days and then we can also geg rid of the sock.

Finished my audiobook Untypical from Pete Wharmby. Nice book and I like his reading voice. I also finished Sharp Objects. I tried to watch it with headphones and it was easier to follow the dialogues. Yay! After I could understand it, I liked the show. But still I’d prefer having subtitles.

The book bus was here today, finally, it was in repair for quite a long time. It brought me a copy of Octopath Traveler II for Nintendo Switch and the movie Kubo.

Only a couple of days back in Germany, I already planned my next trip to London. My friend got a new apartment today. I just hope that it doesn’t have weird noises that my Ohropax cannot block. But usually my Ohropax work pretty well. The apartment isn’t in Zone 2 anymore, but the area seems much nicer with a shopping mall and more restaurants. I know already where we will go: there is a Polish restaurant! We were both born in Poland. But not the same kinds of Polish, because we are from very „opposing“ regions. Doesn’t matter, we both love Pierogi.


I finally got enough
sleep and a good portion of deep sleep. I don’t feel like a mess in my head anymore. No incidents with Panka, too. I checked her wound and it looked good. We just have to endure another night and then she is hopefully free of the itching strings.

No rain today, this was good. But again -1 ° Celsius in the morning. I am going crazy with these constant changes of temperature.

I managed to play two games of Welcome to the Moon today, finally starting with the campaign. One game was faulty because I got the rules wrong. The other one I won. At least I think so. I still hate the rule book and the campaign book isn’t that clear either.

I learned from my current audio book Untypical that there is something calles PDA (pathological demand avoidance). Whoops, this sounds like me. It is not as bad as it was in my childhood but I definitely have tendencies to PDA. Maybe this is why I hate unsolicited advice so much, even if the advice would be helpful.

I also learned about autistic inertia, which is when it is hard to start something even if one was eager to do it. Like beginning a new game that one was looking forward to play. Kind of a procrastination of positive things. And I always thought I was just even to lazy to do fun stuff.